Monday, February 23, 2009

i've been misunderstood for all of my life but what they're saying girl it cuts like a knife "the boy's no good"

10 minutes of anxiety induced nausea
9 colors of opi nail polish that i have personally tried on and can attest to
8, eight i forget what eight was for
7 hours of kayaking last week
6 tamales, that's how many i ate after me and some of my best friends spent a few hours slow roasting pork, seasoning chicken, and forming blobs of masa into moist corn husks after making our own salsa last monday. we called it the tamalazo!
5 boxes of chocolate bought after valentines day at a 75% discount. if nothing else the day after the day of love and friendship allows me to buy some okay chocolate at a cheap price.
4 hours spent watching the movies Grease and Grease 2 this week. i don't think i have ever heard so much double sentido in my life
3 number of times i made dinner last week. homemade marinara sauce, it was divine with the handmade meatballs of my friend, garlic chipotle marinaded pork with potatoes and stuffing, and shepherds pie.
2 days that my mom was out of the hospital before she had to leave to be with my grandpa after surgery. so much for getting to relax and spend some time at home huh ma...
1 rejection letter

and really if you made it this far the real point of this post is to send everyone here so that they can experience their own quixotic moment in the cave of montesinos. please click on the link here, even though i am sure that most of you who are looking at this are already visiting the cave on a regular basis, i just want to point out how much i really enjoyed today's post and the one third one back. i truly would like to know what a mahnamahna is and where can i get some of those invisible strings???


Ben said...

I know that lyric but I can't place it and it's going to drive me nuts until I find it. MANAH MANAH!!!!

Did the tamales give you gas too? MANAH MANAH!

Ben said...

NEIL DIAMOND!!!!!!! MANAH MANAH!!!! And then a cover of the song for Pulp Fiction. "Please take my hand..." MANAH MANAH!!!!

Jared Blanco said...

Nice Violent Femme's reference. We need more posts like this!!

rantipoler said...

Your post made me hungry and I just ate dinner. Also, how is your mom doing? We've been praying for you guys.