Tuesday, August 18, 2009

is there so much hate for the ones who love?

so i haven't posted anything since i left home for the summer to go, well, home, i guess. i've been coming up to idaho for 9 years now, it's hard for me to remember a time when i didn't and there have been some great times and some horrible times for me. others have loved that i leave or some have never understood why i keep coming back and hate it.

it's funny that i always think that i "know" people, or that i can 'read" them and people always seem to think the same about me, i'm pretty easy to read i guess, but this summer has really pointed out to me how often we impose our idea of the other on them. i think that i know someone and act accordingly just to find out that i was wrong all along. i had someone announce to everyone the other day "what i was thinking" in a situation. he was really wrong. i could understand why he would think that i would think that way and could even see myself thinking that, but at that moment i didn't. my feeling were quite different.
i love my friends and family and am sorry for the times that i impose my own feelings and ideas on you or act in a way that you don't understand at all and i seem to think that you should understand perfectly. i hope that you love me for who i am and not who people think that i am and that i can love you for who you are and not some idea that floats around in my head with all of my insecurities and preconceived notions about life and people.
oh, and this is a little glimpse of why i come to idaho for the summers...no lies, just love