Monday, February 23, 2009

i've been misunderstood for all of my life but what they're saying girl it cuts like a knife "the boy's no good"

10 minutes of anxiety induced nausea
9 colors of opi nail polish that i have personally tried on and can attest to
8, eight i forget what eight was for
7 hours of kayaking last week
6 tamales, that's how many i ate after me and some of my best friends spent a few hours slow roasting pork, seasoning chicken, and forming blobs of masa into moist corn husks after making our own salsa last monday. we called it the tamalazo!
5 boxes of chocolate bought after valentines day at a 75% discount. if nothing else the day after the day of love and friendship allows me to buy some okay chocolate at a cheap price.
4 hours spent watching the movies Grease and Grease 2 this week. i don't think i have ever heard so much double sentido in my life
3 number of times i made dinner last week. homemade marinara sauce, it was divine with the handmade meatballs of my friend, garlic chipotle marinaded pork with potatoes and stuffing, and shepherds pie.
2 days that my mom was out of the hospital before she had to leave to be with my grandpa after surgery. so much for getting to relax and spend some time at home huh ma...
1 rejection letter

and really if you made it this far the real point of this post is to send everyone here so that they can experience their own quixotic moment in the cave of montesinos. please click on the link here, even though i am sure that most of you who are looking at this are already visiting the cave on a regular basis, i just want to point out how much i really enjoyed today's post and the one third one back. i truly would like to know what a mahnamahna is and where can i get some of those invisible strings???

Saturday, February 21, 2009

please come to boston for the springtime i'm stayin' on with some friends

they've got lots of room you can sell your paintings on the sidewalk by a cafe where i hope to be workin soon. Please come to boston.

She said no, boy you come home to me.

so here we go,

one day of making tamales with friends while one of the best of them let his girls run around and make me smile.

four days of kayaking with my brothers, not of blood but water, doesn't get much better than that

one day of my mom coming home from the hospital and then going to see her dad in the hospital.

one dinner of tacos and reminiscing about merida yucatan

one letter of rejection

the beginning of one week of reunion with my best friend from my youth while he interns with an architecture firm.

one blog post that made me laugh out loud. look

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the drunk kids, the catholics they're all about the same. they're waiting for something hoping to be saved

so i have this idea to solve for world peace, okay well peace here in the good ol' U.S. of A. anyway. so here's what we'll do, and i need to give venom some credit here, she really helped me develop this thought, i actually think that it might have been her's originally, but i have decided to write about it. so here's what we'll do, the democrats are going to leave the whole gun thing alone, people are going to be able to own any gun they want, any ammo they want, however many they want, i know, i know just stick with me here for a second, i promise this will work out. next, the republicans are going to be so happy with their guns that they will agree to stop infringing upon our fourth amendment rights and i can stop worrying if they are listening to my phone conversations, searching my emails, getting upset when i talk to my friends about how much i want to go to cuba, i won't have to worry about someone getting pulled over and arrested for a having a "single seed" of "yerbabuena" somewhere in the car with them. i think that we would all get along so much more if i could have all of the guns i wanted and know that my right to be protected from unlawful search and seizure was respected, we would all be happy and voila, national peace.

don't you like how i used as many commas as i could
(i did that to throw off anyone who might be sneaking around my blog looking for threats to our national security,,,,,)

Monday, February 9, 2009

hey, i've got commentary without much to say

so as i left campus this afternoon at approximately 3:37 in the p.m. i was struck but the amazing scene of a storm rolling in. campus sits at the base of some little mountains (read little rocky style mountains, so real mountains, not hills) and the grey ominous clouds dropped down over the mountain tops and began to fill the space in between the foothills and the university grounds rather quickly. soon the taller buildings started to disappear underneath the cobalt grey mass and the breeze started pushing harder against my exposed cheeks. i stood at the light and found that i didn't care so much about crossing anymore. the living, breathing, feeding monster rushed overhead and the cloud covered blue disappeared into a devouring mass of dark. the frozen rain started hitting me in the face, and i still couldn't move, or at least i didn't want to. with the snow my field of vision was reduced to the small circumference that my aura projected around me. it is beauty and organically colorful moments like this that make it hard for me to remember the daunting and looming power of a storm and the risks inherent in it to the exposed individual. everyone seemed to run around me while the clouds slowed down just for me. i love being outside, i remember a storm in the uinta mountains with members of my bloodline when i was younger where the lightning was so close you could feel the electrical charge and smell the thunder. I often look for these moments and opportunities to bond with, never confront, a storm and they form the greater part of my positive memories in my outdoor life. for a few minutes today i remembered who i am, what i believe, why i believe, and who i want to be and what i want to believe. my mom is in the hospital, they want to give her someone elses lungs, she doesn't know if she wants them, and it doesn't matter what i want. since i was about ten years old they have been telling me that my mom was going to die, three years would be a miracle, lets give you some new medicine, but this doesn't change anything, there is no cure, the same things that make the storms so beautiful make us all unique, and they decided to make my mom different. i don't like this storm nearly as much as the one i saw this afternoon, and don't think that i can handle it when it really hits.