Friday, January 30, 2009

it's like a book elegantly bound, but in a language you can't read, just yet

you gotta spend some time love you gotta spend some time on me

i guess my point is i've learned, i've changed, i've improved, and i have fallen behind this past year. i have never failed in my life, i never make resolutions because they don't motivate me, when I want to do something i set out and do it. if something comes up along the way i change my mind and do something else, but ultimately i have decided, in one way or another to be who i am, i am blessed to have people who support me in being me and inspire me to be better so starting this year i want to thank those of you who are true friends, i love you, i miss you, i am excited for you, and i am sorry for your plights.

que dios les bendiga

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

by your good book's standards, i've sinned like a champion

dear preacher, thanks for making time for me today, hope you don't mind if i hide behind the curtain

so it has been one month since my last post. for those of you who cared, i am sorry, i never meant to go that long. things have been up and things have been down. passed my prospectus defense, was sick during the holiday break, had to tell my little sister stuff she didn't want to hear, got proof i was right and then completely disregarded everything i said for something shiny. went kayaking to celebrate the new year, started teaching for the semester, and got snowed in on my mom's birthday. i am finishing up the last of the PhD. applications and wondering why? and i have it narrowed done to two boats to replace my cracked kayak. i got gift card to various bookstores for christmas and am looking forward to trying to decide which ones i need the most. and i went to the cave of montesinos and remembered just how adorable his little girls are. i have fallen back into that "i can't write" slump, i will try and do better. you guys and this little remembrance project helped before, maybe we can do it again