Thursday, October 16, 2008

Way to go Mac

so really quick, i just want to give a big congrats to my friend mac. he defended his thesis today and pretty much rocked! he talked about atahualpa yupanqui poetry and Eco-criticism. Mac is out at Rutgers University, because he is amazing. I owe a lot to mac, he is the one who really taught me how to make and drink Mate, I will always be in his debt.

thanks mac, congratulations, and good luck


m1sn0m3r said...

hooray mac. anyways. not trying to belittle you. i just created my own blog ( and i'm having a little bit of trouble due to my complete lack of computer knowledge so i'm gonna need your help. text me with your email address as soon as you get a chance.

Mac said...

Gracias. Don't forget to send me out that play you were telling me about and if you want me to talk to this professor, just let me know.