Monday, October 6, 2008

these feelings wont go away, they've been knockin' me sideways

i am sitting in my little pseudo-office right now typing on my laptop with cool stickers on the back of the screen and sipping mate. I am having a pretty good day other than a nagging pain in my head that wont materialize into a full blown headache but wont go away either. maybe that's what i get for staying up until early this morning. i just wanted to let anyone who cares know that i had a great weekend, i got to go camping on friday night with my dad then attended to some religious commitments on saturday night and sunday. i'm not sure what others heard but i got a big "come together" and "unity" impression while attending to said commitments. i have been feeling a lot lately for my friends, and the feelings just wont go away, some are amazing, some are of regret, either way i'm not sure what to do with them all. not many of my friends are around any more and the memories are tremendous and the loneliness is torturess.
so this message is to all of you, i love you guys...


emily said...


we love you too. (yes, plural, just like the internets.)

and i like your banner photo. but the title is camouflaged.

Ben Cluff said...

Ohhh! Chile! Nice, you can come hang out at the house and ride the exercise bike or eat our food whenever you want. But you have to promise to get a sweat band and wipe down the bike when you're done. Keep your head up man, I'm awake too. Esto quiere decir que vamos a compartir un mate maƱana.

-El fantasma del programa