Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i don't know you, but i want you all the more for that

so i have watched two new movies this last week or so. "Our brand is Crisis" and "finding Fidel" both are documentaries with political slants. i would really recommend both of these to any and everyone. I understand that any form of media is incapable of being truly unbiased, but both of these made me think and reevaluate what i consider as "truth."
i am trying really hard to do some writing, and not getting much done. A current authority figure in my day-to-day recently made a comment to me that i should never have been allowed to get to where i am because of my inability to write, and i must admit that i am having a hard time getting over it even though this person hasn't seen or read anything that i have written in roughly 3 years. so i'll go back to truth, i am struggling to find what i consider truth, and to be true. i've had a few experiences recently to make me wonder how good i am at being true, let me share one.
i wanted a new pair of shoes, so i took my little sister (whom i love and adore) with me and we went shopping. we went to where a friend of mine works, (i really like this girl, she is great, however, she really doesn't know me, not that i know her all too well either so i think that the friendship here is really more of a me liking her and her tolerating me) we bought shoes. (it is my sisters b-day soon so i got her a pair like mine). as my friend and i talked i asked her if she was going to be joining us (me and another friend, on of the most sincere, and sincerely good people i know) for some kayaking the next day. she informed me that she would not, she had chosen not to kayak on said day. in my own ideas of truth, i shouldn't have been kayaking that day either, but had put that aside for my desire to kayak with the aforementioned friend. i was shamed into not kayaking. and have been questioning ever since my conviction to things that i would claim as truth.

i guess my point here is that i am sorry, i don't generally favor parentheses, (i am more of an ellipsis kind of guy) and think that parentheses allow us to side step or justify truth. i am sorry to anyone who finds me untrue and encourage everyone to question authority and seek truth (not just plain 'ol truth but the good kind, you know true truth) and share it with each other.

(oh and here you go ... )


Kalie said...

It would seem to me that "truth" is something that some have spent their whole lives looking for, some have spent their lives running from while still others simply seem to always posses it. Funny, I believe "truth truth" doesn't change but that as we gain in experience our own understanding of it does.

Geneise said...

I see what you're saying...but I do feel that people tend to mistake opinion for truth and/or the other way around. Just because it is your reality doesn't make it true. The guy who thinks you can't write makes that comment thinking what he saying is true because of experience, education, or what ever credentials he may have. I don't think that what he is saying is necessarily true. That's his idea of truth his reality. I've never read anything you have written, nor do I understand very many college words, but I know you can write. That's truth to me. That's my reality.

I guess while we are the subject of truth I think you should know this is not Geneise.

Heather said...

BAH!!! My brother has a BLOG!!! How did I not know about this? Were you assuming the humiliation would just be too much to bear? Did you think, along with your cellular device, it would be an endless life of technilogical torment? HA! I apoloize for my inconsiderate behavior, I just am struggling with this concept of my brother being "hip" with worldly things. Hmph. Maybe I should create my onw blog too...

P.S. Thanks for the shoes!!! I love them.

Jared Blanco said...

we are living in a postmodern world and i am a postmodern girl (I mean boy)

Less Is More said...

Are parentheses the excuse or are they the crutch for those who don't pay attention and need to have everything spelled out for them? I've watched really good movies with those types of people and it usually ends in "I don't get it?" I knew you wanted the girl, I don't need parentheses.